Good question. Certainly, I'm not that wonderfully drawn art by Kay King. Alas, I am not animated, but that image was drawn based on my likeness. Make of that what you will. I plan to replace that photo soon.

I don't like third person bio snippets because they just seem so self serving. Always hated making them when trying to get things published. Here's the gist of what you need to know about me as a person to help inform you about me as an author.

  • I'm employed in technology. I love it and am good at it.

  • I hold a degree in English Literature and focused study in British Modernism.

  • I have a wife and kids. They're wonderful.

  • I've dodged death twice. Both times sucked.

  • My Parents and certain teachers and professors are what gave me this insatiable imagination and the skills necessary to bring the crazy things inside my head to life. I am forever grateful for it all.

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