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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Why on earth would I ever want to share this addled brain with y'all? Let me explain...

The difficulty of having an entire world in your head at all times is the fact that you want to share what you're seeing and hearing with everyone. How does one do that? Well, you write it down. Unfortunately, I am not as prolific or as talented as many writers, and I certainly don't have hours upon hours to get all of what's in this brain onto a page somewhere so everyone can read it. Nor does everyone have five hours for me to assault them conversationally with all five hundred reasons why I named a certain character this way, or why I designed a piece of my world that way.

So instead, I'm going to use this blog. I don't anticipate it'll ever be read much, but at least I can have those long, writerly conversations with something. I believe the bottomless void of this internet can handle a few hundred words or so a week containing the musings and inner-workings of a hobbyist novelist.

What I Intend to Do Here

I'm not looking to reinvent any wheels. I'm not looking for millions of eyes or millions of dollars. I'm looking for an outlet to espouse my wack-a-doo notions, world building notes, reasonings, and subplot tetherings. Consider this kind of a writing-focused journey for me. As I muse, I'll try to get them written and posted here. One day it may be me opining about dialogue, another day how I liked or didn't like how something turned out with a world quirk I wrote. Sometimes I'll just post things that give me inspiration like music or cool pictures.

A Warning

On every page, right there on the left partition will always sit fancy hover boxes with details of and links to my two most recent works. That'll currently be The Cyneweard, which is a novel I completed in 2016 and my work-in-progress sequel to that book Whistlend.


Many of these will be spoilers for the first book and whatever the latest posted chapter of the second book or work I'm currently publishing. I'll try to mark them with spoiler tags if I can figure all that out. So in the spirit of keeping you informed, just a fair warning. The blog will sometimes go deep into the creation process, the reasoning behind certain things, and my thought processes. I will not censor most of the spoilery bits unless they've been published. If you're still behind, suggest you avoid the blog to be on the safe side.

It'll Change

This site, and subsequently this blog, will change over time. I'm sure I'll have changes of heart, changes of the mind, swaths of time I post every other day, swaths of time I don't post for weeks at a time. But I'm going to try my damnedest to get content on here as I move along this journey of writing Whistlend and hopefully, stick with it even after that's done and I'm onto the next.

Wish me luck.

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